Icon Latex Trenchcoat Coat Black
Icon Latex Trenchcoat Coat Black
Icon Latex Trenchcoat Coat Black

Icon Maxi Coat

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'Dress To Impress' is the motto of the black Icon Maxi Coat. Wear it as a bold coat and show off your legs with the alluring slits, while it is casually wrapped around your waist with a thin belt - or as an impressive robe, which is slung around the shoulders with two invisible straps, so it won't fall off.

Styled with the Valentine Body.


  • Maxi Coat and Cape
  • Long sleeves
  • Long sideseam slits
  • Waistband with loops
  • Separate belt with a silver buckle
  • Material thickness: 0,35mm

Made to order in Berlin, Germany

Chronomatic combines the provocative material "latex" with a straightforward design to create modern yet timeless fashion. Graphic, classic lines flatter the silhouette and the loving elaboration of each piece ensures a comfortable fit.

Latex is a beautiful material that, when properly processed, exudes pure elegance. For this purpose, Chronomatic creates luxurious treasures out of premium latex and high-quality hardware.

Each piece is made in the heart of Berlin - with love and handcraft.

The trained fashion designer and tailor Carina Pflüger founded the label after many years of professional experience. With a passion for every detail and the highest quality, she dedicated herself to the shiny material "latex" and its processing. The precise design and a bit of playfulness inspire the fans of the tailor-made, unique latex pieces. In 2016 Chronomatic launched its first ready-to-wear latex collection "Survive". Further collections followed, which can be wonderfully combined with a well-thought-out red thread  and an unmistakable design.