Latex Care Instructions

Latex is a highly sensitive material and requires a great amount of care. 

We advise using exclusively special latex care products for the best results.


Please avoid contact with:

  • heat and direct sunlight, 
  • plastic, especially with plasticizer, 
  • metals like copper, bronze, or brass 
  • substances containing oil (like baby oil, body lotions, cosmetics…)

which could lead to permanent damage.

Sharp objects can and will puncture or rip latex. Be careful if you have long fingernails; take your time to put your latex clothes on.

Do not store colored latex with other stronger colors. They could be transferred to the lighter ones.


Latex should exclusively be hand washed in the sink or bathtub. Use lukewarm water and add a bit of latex-qualified detergent. After that, rinse your clothes with clear water. A final washing with lukewarm water and a small amount of silicone oil keeps the material flexible and preserves brilliance. Make sure that the silicone oil is evenly spread on the in-and outside of your clothes. After your laundry, the products should be hanged to dry on wood hangers. If necessary, turn them inside out after some hours until everything has dried completely. To avoid water stains, you can pat your clothes dry with soft, lint-free paper or laboratory cloth.

Colored and transparent latex will change its color after getting wet. This will pass after getting dry.
Instead of silicone oil, you can also use talcum powder for storage. This is a good solution for long-term storage, especially for white or transparent latex.


Latex clothes should always be stored in dark places. We recommend using wooden hangers together with suitable garment bags for the best storage.
If you don’t want to hang the goods, loosely fold and put them inside a PE - plastic bag (food safe) and inside the Chronomatic gift box you received.
To avoid stains and damages, put tissue paper between any latex surfaces and metals or buttons.


Clean your masks as soon as possible after wearing them; makeup or sweat could damage the material. Please take care not to stretch the wire inside too much.  


In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.