One of the main reasons to fall in love with latex is its unique appearance with its typical mirror finish.
It is also a good alternative to leather and plastic products, as natural latex is obtained from a process that does not cut the trees and does not contain any animal products.

Latex is a natural material obtained from rubber trees from credible, verified plantations in Thailand and Malaysia. This raw material is used to manufacture high-quality latex sheets in the United Kingdom, following all UK and EU directives for this process, both for the manufacturing process and all employees. Our main producer is 'Four D Rubber' based in Derbyshire, UK, where the latex sheetings are manufactured, quality checked, packaged, and shipped. Four D Rubber creates the finest latex sheets with a smooth surface and a slightly structured underside for a better adhesive surface and a pleasant, silky feel using a unique technology.

We carefully manufacture all of our latex clothing in our studio in Berlin to hand over valuable treasures to our customers who can enjoy them for many years. Our packaging is not plastic-free, but we only use reusable and latex-suitable PU material to provide lasting pleasure with the latex clothes.

We are also happy to offer repairs for latex clothing to make them as good as new.