Special Wash

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2 products

The beGLOSS Special Wash & Ultra Clean series is a gentle, hygienic special detergent that has been specially designed for latex clothing.

We recommend washing the latex clothes carefully by hand together with the Special Wash latex detergent in a lukewarm water bath. The detergent effectively removes oil and grease residues such as sweat and skin particles and neutralizes odors such as perfume and nicotine, and protects the material and its glue seams.

After washing, we highly recommend rinsing the latex pieces carefully with clear water and sealing them with the beGLOSS Perfect Shine latex polish or beGLOSS Talcum Powder to prevent the latex from sticking.

More on this in the latex care instructions.



  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Specially designed for latex
  • Reliably neutralizes odors
  • Effectively removes oil and grease residues
  • Cleanses gently to protect the latex and the glue seams
  • Suitable for latex, chlorinated latex, and latex-textile combinations