Shopping Appointments

From July 2021, we open our store "Atelier Berlin" again, where you can shop and try all the available latex clothes or order made-to-measure and bespoke pieces.


Our recent Covid-19 'house rules' are:

  • Only one person at the time or one couple of the same household can visit the store
  • We need to collect personal data on the date and time of stay, which we need to keep for four weeks
  • It is necessary to wear an FFP2/KN95 mask during the entire stay

We know that all of these rules affect the shopping experience and hope that it doesn't cause too much trouble. We look forward to seeing you all the more and giving you a safe shopping experience with our strict hygiene rules!

Appointment Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday: by appointment

Friday - Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00 

The studio is closed from August 30th until September 20th!




Phone: 030 98409269

Contact Person: Carina Pflüger